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Postby Yverén » Thu Jul 08, 2010 3:50 pm

Main Character Information

Name: Yverén
Class: Rogue
Armory: Yverén
Spec: 51/18/2 Assassination (I have combat gems and enchant scrolls in my bank and would be willing to go combat)
/Played?: 26 days 18 hours
Professions: Leatherworking and Skinning
450 First Aid?: Yes
Briefly describe your play style, and why you chose your current spec: 51/18/2 Is the top sustained single target damage per second for my class, so I chose it to help on dps races for my current guild. My playstyle is generally to keep myself alive above all else, focus on any tasks I'm assigned to, such as stunning a val'kyr or killing a certain frost tomb. I've learned to be quick with my reflexes and react appropriately through PvP.

In order to help the raid be successful, would you be willing to respec? Yes, like I said, I'm nearly ready to change to combat, just needing weapons.


How old are you?: 19
When did you start playing WoW?: Release date (approximately)
What Pre-WotLK raid content have you sucessfully completed? I've completed all Pre-BC and BC content 'while it still mattered' on my rogue excluding 40 man Kel'Thuzad.

What raid content have you successfully completed thus far in WotLK? I've completed all of 10/25 Naxx with Undying. I took a long break during Ulduar so I completed very little relevant content in there, but I did come back recently to complete all but Assembly, Yogg'Saron and Algalon on 25 man. In ToC I completed 5/5 in 10/25, along with Insanity 10 man and 4/5 25 ToGC. In ICC I've completed 11/12 In both 10 and 25 man heroic ICC and 11/12 In 10 man, along with 12/12 in 25 man regular.
All above content was completed on my main; Eaglewarrior

About you

How many hours per week do you play WoW? Sometimes I play >10, sometimes over 40, depends on how involved I want to be, and how much there is too do.

What time of day do you generally play? Anytime past 5 pm EST to 12 pm EST, I also play throughout the daytime.

What other guilds have you been in and what were your reasons for leaving? Knights of the Capricorn, we struggle with P3 on 10 Man LK and I wish to be in a higher place.
Paladin: Ascend, I've gotten burnt out on healing, and I am retiring him.

Are you able to farm for repair gold, guild materials, pots, and food during non-raid hours? I keep a large pool of gold, foot, potions, flasks, amongst other things for myself and the guild.

Are you able to install and operate mods like Omen, and Deadly Boss Mods, as well as use TeamSpeak? I use Omen and DXE, I prefer DXE for many reasons but I will use DBM if wanted.
Using TeamSpeak shouldn't be an issue.

Would you consider yourself a leader in 5-man groups - marking targets, explaining encounters, and assigning responsibilities to group members? Or do you prefer a support role, and would rather listen to instructions? I prefer to support and follow instructions over taking leader.

Are you willing to work with the guild’s class leaders to increase your overall raid performance? I strive and do whatever is needed to better myself as a player and a person.

Do you currently, or are you willing to research your class role in an encounter prior to a scheduled raid? I believe I fully understand my role in all ICC Regular and Heroic content.

What are your raiding goals in WoW? To be the best I can be, and help my guild be the best they can be.

Hardware specs

The content this guild is currently raiding requires that all members of the raid have a stable internet connection, and be able to maintain an acceptable frame rate (10-15 FPS absolute minimum during heavy combat). Please list your:

CPU speed: 4.4Ghz
System memory: 12GB DDR3 1600MHz Digital Storm Certified
Video card model and memory: Video Card: 3x SLI Triple (NVIDIA GeForce GTX 480 1.5GB (Includes PhysX Technology)
Add-on Card: VisionTek Radeon HD 3650 512MB 128-bit GDDR2 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP
Connection type and speed: 156 MBPS Verizon FiOS, Signal Strength: Excellent
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Re: Yverén/Rogue/Assassination

Postby Maritime » Fri Jul 09, 2010 9:19 am

I heartily approve of your use of the word "amongst".
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Re: Yverén/Rogue/Assassination

Postby Direshadow » Wed Jul 14, 2010 4:03 pm

Thank you for applying Yverén. We are currently not raiding 25 man content and our 10 man raids have been significantly reduced as well. Call it the lull before a cataclysm. It appears you are looking for an active raiding guild and at this time we are not very active. If you don't mind possibly not finishing the current content and getting ready for the expansion then please reply or contact an officer in game.
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