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Rofldot's Application

Postby Rofldots » Thu Jun 09, 2011 8:34 pm

Name: Rofldots
Class: Warlock
Armory: ... ots/simple
Spec: Destruction
Off-Spec (if applicable): Affliction or Demonology whatever buffs the raid comp would require me to give
/Played?: 55 days 12 hours
/Played at 85?: 18 days
Professions: Tailoring 525 JC 520 highest DPS caster professions to date.
Maxed First Aid?: No
Briefly describe your play style, and why you chose your current spec: My play style is very focues but i do like to joke around. but theres a time and a place for that. While in a raid im prepared and ready to progress. I play Destruction becuase its always been my favorite spec as a warlock alot of cool shit shooting out of my hands cmon who doesnt want that lol.

In order to help the raid be successful, would you be willing to respec? Of course, destruction is my favorite but like i said above i can switch to demon or affliction depending on the raid comp fight etc.


How old are you?: 18
When did you start playing WoW?: 4 years ago
What Pre-Cataclysm raid content have you successfully completed?
Kara Naxx TOC some of Uld 11/12 heroic ICC

What raid content have you successfully completed thus far in Cataclysm?
Im currently 12/12 on my warlock and 11/12 on my druid healer.
About you

How many hours per week do you play WoW? Too many

What time of day do you generally play? all day mostly

What other guilds have you been in and what were your reasons for leaving? Blacklist, no one is showing up to raids and im tired of it.

Are you able to farm for repair gold, guild materials, pots, and food during non-raid hours? of course i have a pot master and an elixir master just for that purpose

Are you able to install and operate mods like Omen, and Deadly Boss Mods, as well as use TeamSpeak?
have em, and others.
Timely communication is very important while raiding. Are you able and willing to actually speak over TeamSpeak when needed, and conversely, to refrain from speaking when we need to keep TeamSpeak clear? Yup

Would you consider yourself a leader in 5-man groups - marking targets, explaining encounters, and assigning responsibilities to group members? Or do you prefer a support role, and would rather listen to instructions? If the instructions given are plausable then i have no problem following, however if they are absolutely god awful im going to put in a few suggestions.

Are you willing to work with other members in the guild of the same class/spec to increase your overall raid performance? I converse with the top locks on the server daily

Do you currently, or are you willing to research your class role in an encounter prior to a scheduled raid? Always do. ( afflic nerfs in 4.2 are LAME)

What are your raiding goals in WoW? To complete as much contant as my guild and I can while having fun doing it. Its a Game afterall

Did someone from the guild refer you to the site or encourage you to apply? If so, who? I have a few friends in KOTR and i know you guys are a great guild so why not.

Do you know anyone else in the guild (either IRL or in-game) that can vouch for you? Virisen and Leakmaster maybe. I dont think hes ever raided with my warlock.

Hardware specs

CPU speed: AMD Phenom II x6 1045T @ 2.70 GHZ
System memory: 1TB HD and 8g of RAM
Video card model and memory: ATI Radeon 5670 HD 1g graphics card
Connection type and speed: 10mbs download speed 1 mb upload speed ( this is with me on wow my bro on XBL and 2 addictional laptops in the house but when i raid i shut them down :) haha.
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