Shieldme (Denied)

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Shieldme (Denied)

Postby kocabot13 » Fri Jul 01, 2011 12:27 pm

Main Character Information

Name: Shieldme
Class: Pally
Armory: 40,490 (subject to change, as of july first)
Spec: Prot
Off-Spec (if applicable): NA
/Played?: 8 days
/Played at 85?: 3 days, 5 hours (but this use to be my alt, i only reached 85 5 days ago, but now this is my main)
Professions: Minig, JC
Maxed First Aid?: No
Briefly describe your play style, and why you chose your current spec: I am experienced in raids, my play style, is whatever i need to do, as a tank, i like keeping people alive :D

In order to help the raid be successful, would you be willing to respec? Yes, i do not have an offspec

Experience: Played wow for about 3 years, started on my cousins account, but this is my own

How old are you?: 18, but very mature (i do not see myself as 18)
When did you start playing WoW?: 3 years ago
What Pre-Cataclysm raid content have you successfully completed? Started with early lk

What raid content have you successfully completed thus far in Cataclysm? Have killed many cata bosses, about 10/12, but even when i do not know fight, i just need a quick tip and i usually down it, i am a very fast learner

About you: 18, male, live in virginia, volunteer at pet shelters, played lacrosse, football, tennis, workout 4 times a week, 3 time cancer survivor (8 years), friendly, very smart, and fun to be around, and i know how to take and follow directions

How many hours per week do you play WoW? Currently summer, so about 8 hrs a day, i am starting college in about 2 months, so am not sure when that starts, but i only go for four days a week

What time of day do you generally play? 12pm to about 2am (including breaks, helping my mom out, volunteering)

What other guilds have you been in and what were your reasons for leaving? The Righteous, i helped my friend start a guild, i helped him level the guild, and give him 1000's of gold, turns out he just sold the guild and basically left me, Currently in Bleach, it is very nice, it is just that the raid time is about 6am for me, which is way too early

Are you able to farm for repair gold, guild materials, pots, and food during non-raid hours? Easily

Are you able to install and operate mods like Omen, and Deadly Boss Mods, as well as use TeamSpeak? Already donloaded and used all, including vent

Timely communication is very important while raiding. Are you able and willing to actually speak over TeamSpeak when needed, and conversely, to refrain from speaking when we need to keep TeamSpeak clear? I am a little shy, to be honest, but yes i will talk no problem

Would you consider yourself a leader in 5-man groups - marking targets, explaining encounters, and assigning responsibilities to group members? Or do you prefer a support role, and would rather listen to instructions? Yes, lead many 5 mans, and am a good listener

Are you willing to work with other members in the guild of the same class/spec to increase your overall raid performance? I love helping people, and if it is for the guild, why not :P

Do you currently, or are you willing to research your class role in an encounter prior to a scheduled raid? I always check sites, and high geared players, sometimes even in other realms, and ask them to help me for an upcoming event/raid

What are your raiding goals in WoW? To become better, and to have a nice and friendly group of people around me, i cannont stand douchebags (sorry lol), that is why i did not like high school in the least

Did someone from the guild refer you to the site or encourage you to apply? If so, who? I did talk to leaks, as well as icymana, and one other person, started with a c, she is not on atm, but she was very nice and helpful, she was a druid

Do you know anyone else in the guild (either IRL or in-game) that can vouch for you? Honestly, no, but you can ask around and people who have raided with me will say i am very nice and i do not ninja or steal

Hardware specs

Currently unaware, i just bought a new imac, 27 in, it has 4 gigs or ram and im not sure about the ghz, but i can play wow on high and ultra settings with 60 fps, while running vent, and addons :P. I also have verizon fios, so i am very reliable, connection wise

(sorry for the long application, thank you)
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Re: Shieldme

Postby Lenina » Fri Jul 01, 2011 3:22 pm

kocabot13 wrote:Armory: 40,490 (subject to change, as of july first)

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Re: Shieldme

Postby kocabot13 » Fri Jul 01, 2011 4:06 pm

amount of armor right? or do you mean the armory on the website?
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Re: Shieldme

Postby kocabot13 » Fri Jul 01, 2011 4:09 pm

sorry lol..... ... dme/simple

(i do know i still need some tanking gear, but i hit 85 on this toon less than a week ago, ty)
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Re: Shieldme

Postby kocabot13 » Fri Jul 01, 2011 4:12 pm

srry dont mean to spam, i just looked at my armor on the website, and it is not up to date, feel free to wsp me if you need any further info, and if you would like to view my current gear
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Re: Shieldme

Postby Direshadow » Sat Jul 02, 2011 10:31 am

Thank you for your application Shieldme. The officers will review it and someone will contact you. Since it is a holiday weekend don't expect a response before Tuesday at the earliest.
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